What is Real-Time Economy Network (RTEN)?

Real-time economy projects worldwide have strengthened international cooperation in the digital economy, aiming to streamline interactions between individuals, businesses, and government agencies. At RTEN, we facilitate Real-Time Economy best practices, ecosystem partnerships, and capacity building through our neutral engagement platform, digital skills training, and expert advisory services

The Need for a Real-Time Economy

A Real-Time Economy (RTE) represents a digital economy model where business processes and value chains are hyper-connected and digitised, using public digital infrastructure to operate in real-time for the greater good. RTE enables instant gratification of economic needs through cutting-edge technology solutions. Since the advent of innovative technologies, the global economy has undergone significant transformations, by harnessing the power of real-time interactions. In the post-COVID-19 era, there is a growing demand for digitalising economic activities that leverage hyper-connected digital economies operating in real-time.


The implementation and best practices of Real-Time Economy (RTE) have gained significant traction due to their critical role in accelerating the digital transformation of economic activities, promoting social inclusion, and advancing the United Nations' agenda for sustainable socio-economic development.

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Our Objectives

"Real-Time Economy” depicts the on-going shift towards a digital economy model with hyper-connected business processes and value chains entirely digitized and interacting in real-time. In response to this, RTEN operates across five(5) objectives


Promote Interoperable Digital Economy Partnerships

Interoperable Digital Economy partnerships are critical to the delivery of digital economy projects

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Support Digital Public Infrastructure Implementation for Public Interest

DPI is a fundamental framework for implementing a country's inclusive and interoperable digital economy blueprint

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Smart Government & Business Work Advisory

Digital transformation of public service delivery is critical to achieve a real-time economy

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Facilitate Collaboration and Engagement Among Real-Time Economy Practitioners

Partnerships and knowledge sharing among real-time economy practitioners accelerate real-time economy benefits

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Build Capacity and promote Real-Time Economy innovations

Capacity building and recognition of real-time economy innovations promote social inclusivity and ecosystem enablement

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To successfully navigate the ever-evolving real-time economy landscape, RTEN helps business leaders and economic advisors decipher the complexities of digital public infrastructure implementation and comprehend the inherent opportunities and challenges posed by digital technology advancements

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